With this ring Part 2

The drama unfolded about two years ago. It was the day before my graduation, and I was deleting all my coursework on my boyfriend’s laptop. Back then, I thought about surprising him by removing all the junk I had on it. Unknown to me that I would be the one who would be surprisingly shocked, and this would change the trajectory of our relationship forever.

We had been together for four years and had invested so much in each other. However, the laptop held a secret that was older than our relationship. It was not seen before and now that it was discovered, it could not be overlooked.

I clicked on the first recording and fear gripped me, I was dumbstruck and sweating profusely even though it was a cool and calm evening outside. The familiar soft-spoken voice was not a breath of fresh air as she reminisced on the passionate loving making skills of the man I loved. I had never felt so weak, shocked, angry, disappointed and in disbelief that this could happen in a relationship that I was sure about. How could this happen to me? What did I do wrong? And with her? Wait a minute! Did she say that she was pregnant? By this time, I was grasping for air as a whirlwind of questions and thoughts kept rotating in my mind.

You can only imagine what happened next. In that moment, I felt we were living a lie. How could he profess his love for me and then take another woman in his arms? The plot thickens, who is this familiar voice and is she pregnant?



6 thoughts on “With this ring Part 2

  1. Ohh my! Don’t know what my reaction would have been if I heard another man making passionate love to a girl I *think is my woman. That must have hit hard! Nice to hear you got over it.

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    • @englishfun7 It was definitely not the easiest situation to be in. Believe that it is an experience you would not want to imagine. In reality, the memory is always there. I chose not to relive it daily. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend😊


  2. I can imagine how painful it can be but many times God is saving us from future hurts. You deserve better they say; what’s in darkness will come to light. Keep putting God first in everything you do.

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    • Thanks Natalee. It took me a long time to be alright again. Thank God for praying family members and friends. Please trust God in everything you do even when you cant see the way. Keep safe!


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