With this ring part 3

It was the night before graduation. I sat quietly in the living room in deep contemplation as to what would be my next move. For four years this man had been skillful to stay under the radar while cheating, lying and perfecting his craft of manipulating me to believe that i was the only one.

My chain of thought was interrupted when he emerged from the bedroom five minutes later. The ghastly look on my face must have piqued his interest because he was determined to know why i was so silent. I immediately beckoned to him to come closer as I held both his hands and i prayed aloud that the love of my life would speak the truth. 

At first he was frightened.I begged him to tell the truth and i assured him that i could take it. But what happened next unmasked the scales from my eyes and for the first time, i observed that he wasnt right for me.

He was dumbfounded when I asked if he had cheated on me. His cold hands quickly pulled away from mine amd our eyes ceased to meet. Then without warning, he frantically waved his hands at me and accused me of cheating on him. I got so angry, I gave him an ultimatum and i asked him again. This time, he pondered for a few seconds unwilling to offer any quick alibi to win his way out of the hardess trial we would ever face.  

He was unaware that i had found the recording of his mistress on the laptop and with the last fighting strength he had. He testily answered, “No, Lisa i love you and i would never do anything to hurt you.”  I couldnt hold back the tears because i knew he had lied. I shouted her name and i played the recording which i had saved on my phone. With both hands he grasped his head and knelt in front of me.His eyes were suddenly painted red. Fear cornerd him and his only escape was to tell his truth. Again he lied by stating that it was only a kiss. I never believed him.  I told him i was leaving and  only then he admitted that he had slept with his friend who had introduced us.

The months slowly trickled by. He wanted our relationship to work because according to him ‘we looked good together’ and finally, his mistress was not pregnant. I had so much love for him that in return i was loosing myself. I had sleepless nights, headaches, trust issues and i was becoming a shadow of my former self. This happened all because i was holding on to someone who was hurting me.  

I had to make a choice. In the end, i decided to forgive him and i moved on. I chose to love myself and I learned how to smile again. Presently, I am discovering me and enjoying my journey of singleness. I am happy and grateful every day that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


18 thoughts on “With this ring part 3

  1. Happy you found that recording. What a liar that man was! Happy you caught up with him. Also pleased you are not losing sleepless nights because of him. Your girlfriend is just as bad. Did she keep on pretending to be your friend too? They probably complement each other. They are the same kind. A good girlfriend would have stopped him at his first move and then warn you about the fellow.

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  2. So many women stay when they are begged to. You were bold and brilliant to confront him and to walk away. It would have been easy to buy into his pathetic teary charade. It was all because he was busted at his game. So shameless. I am soooo proud of you. You have amazing character to not stand for that. Many are languishing in loveless marriages because they didn’t do what you did. Way to take warning signs and to trust yourself and your God, to spit out venom, to call out a fraud, to stand unshaken even as you’re quaking inside. Don’t ever lose that part of you.

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  3. It’s a great story, Ms Dream: well-told, good descriptive elements, “night before graduation”, the unmasking of the cheat, described in slow, excruciating, squirming detail.

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  4. It’s tough to find out someone has been cheating on you, believe me I know. I heard it takes 2 years to get over it, and maybe that’s true. If so I’m half way there. I can say that for me it helped to not try and fight the pain, but to acknowledge it, accept the hurt, then let it go. It still stings, but now I understand there’s a place inside me where the pain cannot reach – I have to move in. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you Rainey for sharing. It took me a long time to accept it. I was still trying to hold the pieces of our relationship together. Thinking that it could work. I agree sometimes you just have to move on. Keep safe🙂

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