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I stood at the entrance of the bus park with my two heavy bags. As I surveyed the area, the tiredness that assailed me became so unbearable that I was not even excited to take the journey home. The sunny Friday afternoon danced in all its array and beauty. However, I was blinded by my need for a comfortable seat to unwind on the bus. It would be a long drive back to the city if I were to be caught in the rush hour traffic. Within seconds, I was pushed and tossed into a whirlwind of sweaty people racing towards three empty buses. At one point, I held on tightly to my bags only to later realize I was holding a little girl’s hand. When I finally found one of my bags, it was patterned with fresh footprints and my work folder was missing. As I gathered my belongings, I watched in disbelief as two young men hurdled over people who had fallen in the stampede. The conductors could not manage the sea of people as they flooded the buses. People were stuck at the doors while others were entering through the windows. Soon the buses were jam packed and they slowly rolled out of the park.

I stood with my bags which seemed to be made of rocks as I grew impatient with time. It took an hour for another intercity bus to arrive. There were few passengers on the large bus. I gladly boarded it and I sat by the untinted window where I rested the load at my aching feet. I must have dozed off because I could not account for the time when the bus started filling up with people. When I awoke, the conductor was requesting for three more persons. I looked through the window to see a young man eating his food ravenously in a parked bus across from me. We locked eyes for a couple seconds. Then, he smiled and turned away. Again, I fell asleep. This time, I thought I heard a knock at my door. However, when I checked, no one was there. The loud knock was so constant that I woke up only to see the same young man knocking at my window. I was not too thrilled to be woken from my sleep. However, I opened the window to hear what he had to say. Apparently he did not expect me to open the window because he became speechless but I was livid. His request for my number made the matter worse. But as I stared into his deep brown eyes, I succumbed to his gleaming gaze. So I gently told him that if we should see each other again, then I will give him my number. Finally, the bus blew its horn as it drove out of the park.

It was two hours later when the bus made its first rest stop at a nearby gas station. I decided not to leave the bus. As I looked out the window, I saw a strong, handsome young man walking swiftly in my direction. When he came closer, I realized it was the same young man from the bus park. It was then that fear gripped me because I had no intention of giving out my number. Luckily, the passengers were returning to their seats and the driver was heading towards the bus. At that time, I imagined that everything would have gone exactly as I had pictured it. However, that is not what had happened. I believe that someone may have changed the script or the ending to the story.

The brave, young man grabbed the attention of the curious passengers and other bystanders when he went on bended knees. Everyone thought that they were a part of a grand and auspicious marriage proposal. As I remembered it like yesterday, it was a celebration with men and women cheering and at the same time excitedly guessing who the lucky woman was among them. In quick succession, there was a huge crowd around the bus. Something so small had turned into something big that I had only watched or imagined in movies. There was a hushed silence in the crowd as the young man pointed at me. Nervously I held my breath and in his final attempt, he apologized for drawing any attention as it was not his intention. He then asked if I would still give him my number. All eyes were on me as they waited for my response and as promised.

I said, “Yes!”

-Daneika Brackett

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10 thoughts on “I SAID YES!

  1. I must say i love the caption. It was a thrilling suspense as though i was watching a movie. Usually suspense are predictable but this made a u turn. Really enjoyed it. And looking forward to hear what next.😍

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    • @englishfun7 Thank you for commenting on my post. It warms my heart to know that you have found the story to be intriguing. Look out! It could be the start of something magical or just an experience and nothing more. Have a peaceful night!


    • @Madeka thank you for seeing something in me that I have never thought of before. I am thrilled that you like my writing. I am definitely hoping to write more. Be blessed!


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