When will it be time?😀

“Never comes faster every time”-Daneika K. Brackett

Am I your part-time?
Your sometime?
What about your pastime?
You promised me a lifetime.
All of this is a waste of time.
In the meantime.
Is this playtime?
Only bedtime?
Always airplay for nighttime.
As long as it is showtime?
Beauty fades overtime.
Minds can change anytime.
Yet I am hoping this onetime.
You will remain on runtime.
And skip the need for break time.
Why so cold in the Springtime?
You are absent in the Wintertime.
This existed from a longtime.
I will never be your full-time.
Please just leave before time.


One thought on “When will it be time?😀

  1. I, as a man, lonely more due to external circumstances than my internal characteristics, can partly understand someone else’s state of loneliness. But I believe that if a person has a meaning in life, higher than family and procreation, then he/she will not suffer too much without other people. If there is no happiness within the soul, then it is impossible to receive it from other people. Happiness is not what a person has, but what he/she feels.

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